Juice Recipes for Obesity

Juice Recipes for Obesity

Obesity is excess body fat and loose connective tissue deposited throughout the body. Especially in the abdomen, buttocks and thighs!  How does it happen? Excessive consumption of refined starch and sugar! Sometimes obesity can be due to glandular disorders. We hear that all the time.

Interestingly, those glandular disorders are usually a direct result of poor dietary habits and therefore can ALSO be corrected by putting the right foods and juices into your body. Going on a juice fast is a great first step towards correcting both obesity and glandular disorders. Followed by the right diet and lifestyle thereafter of course.


 Carrot Juice

Raw carrot juice cleanses the entire digestive tract of dead wastes. It detoxifies the liver and balances the endocrine system. Both can help cure and prevent obesity.Prescription: Drink two 16 oz glasses of Carrot juice a day.

Carrot, Beet and Cucumber Juice

A main symptom of obesity is serious acidosis of the blood and tissues. Mixing these three together helps alkalize the bloodstream and kidneys, which in return promotes the efficient metabolism and excretion of wastes.Prescription: Combined 10 oz carrot, 3 oz beet and 3 oz cucumber and drink two 16 oz glasses daily.

Spinach Juice

Raw spinach helps the lower bowels move along. Which means faster elimination. Which means less food stuck inside you waiting to become fat on your stomach, thighs and butt. You can consume it in raw salads or mix it with carrot juice.Prescription: 6 oz spinach juice mixed with 10 oz carrot juice. Drink 1-2 pints daily.

Cabbage Juice

Raw cabbage juice can help you lose weight. It detoxifies the stomach and upper bowels of putrefactive wastes. Which also improves digestion by speeding up elimination.Prescription: Mix half carrot juice with half cabbage juice. Drink 1 16 oz glass daily.


Let’s talk about obesity for a minute and how we gain excess weight in the first place.
Because honestly, you are not going to lose REAL weight by just drinking juice. It will help, but you have to cut out the other bad habits first.
The easiest way to become obese today is to eat a high carb diet. You know, the same diet the ‘government issued’ food pyramid tells you is best for you.
“But if you use portion control you won’t get fat.” Blah blah blah.
Who wants to control portions!? People are hungry. Their bodies are craving nutrients! Live nutrients.
And what do they tell you to eat? Grains.
And what do they feed livestock to get them fat the quickest. Grains.
Go against the grain. Take your life into your own hands.
Grains have only been around for 7,000 years. Humans have been around for 200,000 years! Grains are still new to us! Our modern day health problems reflect that!
Want more incentive. Just read these two books:‘Grain Brain‘ by Dr. David Permutter‘Wheat Belly’ by Dr. William Davis.

If you want to lose weight here are a few steps you can make today

Stop overdosing on grains!Make 50% of your diet raw fruits and vegetables.
Eat healthy fats! Fat doesn’t make you fat! Man made sugar and flour does!
Eat sparingly. Stop once you’re 70-80% full. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you’re stuck on the couch in pain.
CHEW YOUR FOOD THOROUGHLY. The first stage of digestion is in the mouth! Give your stomach a break. Make it easy for your digestive system by chewing your food to liquid form before swallowing. Think of your mouth as a Blender and you’re making a smoothie. Your body will thank you for it AND it will help you lose weight.


When you drink cold liquid with a stomach full of food the freezing temperature shut the tiny ducts which secrete gastric juices in the stomach. That shuts down digestion and permits putrefaction and fermentation to occur instead.
You wan’t your body to be a full functioning plumbing system not a cesspool!
Don’t eat as soon as you wake up. Wait at least one hour and use that time to exercise.
At night, don’t eat right before bed! The last intake of food should be 2-3 hours before your bedtime.