What Are The Benefits of Juicing?

What Are The Benefits of Juicing?

The benefits of juicing include better absorption of nutrients, detoxification and access to essential micro-nutrients. These are the keys to enjoying a radiant, energetic and healthy life. So to help you get started with regular consumption of freshly made juice, here’s a brief outline of the benefits of juicing.

Preservation of Nutrients

Research has shown that several valuable micro-nutrients – like B vitamins and co-factor enzymes – are destroyed by heat, during cooking and processing. Juicing can help you to conveniently obtain these precious micro-nutrients. But to enjoy the full benefits of juicing, ensure that you consume your fruit and vegetable juices fresh.

Absorption of Nutrients

Juicing enables you to absorb virtually all the nutrients available in the vegetables. Since the digestion and absorption of nutrients is not optimal in most adults, juicing plays a vital role in improving the absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream. You can absorb more nutrients from drinking the juice of vegetables than you would from eating them raw. Juicing helps you to pre-digest nutrients so they don’t get wasted due to impaired digestion.

Efficient Consumption of Nutrients

You can achieve a higher consumption of vegetables and fruits for optimal health through juicing. Several health authorities recommend that you consume 6 -8 servings of vegetables and fruits per day for optimal health. Juicing makes this possible in an efficient way. If you find it difficult to consume the optimum amount of vegetables daily, you can easily get all your nutrients quickly from a glass of vegetable juice.

Juicing Helps You Combine Nutrients Optimally

An important benefit of juicing is the ability to effectively combine different fruits and vegetables to produce a tasty and nourishing drink. Health experts recommend that you eat a combination of vegetables for optimal health. But you may not like the taste of some of these vegetables – especially the very dark green ones. In such cases, you can easily combine lemon or lime juice with your dark green vegetable juice to make it more palatable

Juicing helps you to add various kinds of vegetables to your diet. Most adults consume the same vegetables and fruits every day. But this contradicts the health principle of frequent food rotation. It also increases your chance of becoming allergic to certain foods. So you should take advantage of the opportunity offered by juicing to mix together several vegetables and fruits that you may not really like to eat whole or raw.